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Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Dr. Natascha



Treat your patients as you would want to be treated yourself.

I am a specialist in Oral surgery and have been working in this clinic for 20 years. After studying dentistry in Kiel I worked in a surgery department in South Africa for 4 months. Following this I worked in clinics in Dreieich and Oestrich-Winkel.

I then started working here in Wiesbaden, where I continued to specialize in the field of Oral surgery.

Dr. Orestis



We promise the best possible and individual treatment for each patient.

I am a specialized Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and I have been working in this clinic for 8 years. Prior to this, I was senior physician at the University of Zurich and a Professor at the University of Cologne. Afterwards I founded the Clinic for Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery at the Ring in Cologne.

Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden
Dr Lena Juerchott

Dr. Lena



Peace is the source of all great strength

I was drawn to study at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and learnt to appreciate the Rhine-Main region. I spent part of my studies at the University of Valencia. After graduating, I spent my time as a general dentist in practices in Trier and the surrounding area. I worked in oral surgery at the Katharinenhospital in Stuttgart and in practices in Ludwigshafen and Mosbach before moving back to the Rhine-Main area. In February 2023, I joined the practice team in Schlosspark as an oral surgeon.

Dr. Simone



If you start the day with a smile, you've already won it.

After graduating in 2003, my doctoral thesis initially took me to the conservative department at the dental clinic in Frankfurt. I then practised the entire range of general dental services in a dental practice in Hanau, where I was particularly fascinated by surgery. From 2006-2009, I completed my further training as an oral surgeon at the practice in Schlosspark. I specialised in implantology in 2010. The friendly atmosphere in the practice, the collegial collaboration with the referring dentists and my passion for this speciality led me to return to these premises after my parental leave. Back to these premises and the team after my parental leave.

Your anaesthesiologist

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Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden




Seek a beautiful dream

I have been working in this Clinic for over 20 years. I completed my specialist training as an anesthesiologist in Eschweiler and Bonn, followed by work as a specialist at the University hospital in Bonn. Since 1997 I have been working as a resident anaesthesiologist.

Your clinic team

Dental assistants

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Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Duygu Tava

Reception & Administration

Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Gül Ayaz


Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Yasemin Begen



- With a lot of fun and interest in learning this field of work -

Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Annika Halm


Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Marie Litika-Che


Mundchirurgie Kieferchirurgie Gesichtschirurgie Oralchirurgie Wiesbaden

Fatos Yilmaz


Questions - Problems - Pain

- We will gladly help solve your medical problem –

If your dentist recommended that you see a surgeon?
W We are here for you with enthusiasm and are happy to answer all your questions about your teeth and mouth.

What are the causes of your pain?

Is an operation necessary?

What alternative treatment methods are there?

Our philosophy

- Healthy teeth improve the quality of life -

You as a patient and your medical concern are our top priority.

A thorough diagnosis as well as a comprehensive medical consultation and information is the most important thing for us. We provide you with comprehensive information about treatment options as well as about the costs involved. We believe in individual treatment and gentle care. The close cooperation and exchange with your dentist or orthodontist ensures an optimal treatment process for you. If required, a holistic treatment can also be achieved by involving other specialists.

If you have any questions, suggestions or even fears, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our services

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At the beginning of every treatment there is a detailed conversation in which you describe your complaints and concerns to us and we carry out an examination on this basis. This results in various treatment options, which we discuss with you and, in some cases, also coordinate with your dentist or orthodontist.
In the case of an operation, we decide together with you on the form of anaesthesia. Many operations can be performed under local anaesthesia, if necessary with additional premedication. However, we also offer the possibility of treatment under general anaesthesia.



An operation that is as gentle as possible is the most important thing for us. This makes the operation more pleasant for you and leads to optimal treatment results overall.



After treatment, we will do follow-up checks. If you have a long way to travel, we will carry these out in cooperation with your dentist or orthodontist. Your dentist or orthodontist will receive a doctor's report and the X-rays we have taken after our treatment.


Briefing and diagnosis

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Case history

In a personal consultation, we will clarify the possible reasons for your current medical problems, your individual situation, your state of health and your medical history.

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In addition to the conventional X-ray techniques, we have the possibility to create three-dimensional X-ray images. Volume tomography (DVT) offers a three-dimensional imaging of the mouth, jaw and face region. It provides information that is not available with conventional X-ray techniques.

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A detailed pain analysis as well as a thorough examination of the oral cavity helps to identify the medical causes of dental problems and possibilities of treatment.

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The assessment of your medical history, X-rays, pain analysis and the examination of your oral cavity lead to your individual diagnosis.

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The case diagnosis usually results in various treatment options, which we discuss with you individually.


Therapy / Surgical intervention

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A carful tooth removal is very important to us. It helps us to reduce your fears and anxieties. A gentle tooth removal also ensures that the surrounding bone and soft tissue is preserved as far as possible. This is very important for further treatment.

MKG-Lingenfelder - mundchirurgie - schrit 2


If new symptoms occur after a root canal treatment, there is often an inflammation in the area of the root tips. If the tooth is not to be removed, it is possible to resect the tip of the root. During this procedure the root tips are surgically removed and, if possible, additional fillings are inserted into the root tips.

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If the mandible or maxilla bone is without teeth for a longer period of time, it will degenerate over time. Inflammatory processes in the jaw also very often cause severe bone loss. For implant therapy, we can reconstruct this bone.

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Missing teeth can be replaced by artificial tooth root implants. It is possible to replace every missing tooth with an implant. However, this is often not necessary. It is also possible, for example, to fix a removable denture with just a few implants.

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If your periodontal treatment at the dentist requires a surgical periodontal treatment of the inflamed areas on a few teeth, you have come to the right place. In this procedure, the gums are carefully opened after local anaesthesia and then the root surface is cleaned.

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If cysts form in the jawbone, they must be removed, otherwise they will continuously increase in size. Here, too, the removal of the bone tissue as gently as possible is essential for further treatment and healing.

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Changes in the oral mucosa as well as the outer tissue must be examined, checked and, if necessary, removed.

Tooth transplantation

Autogenous tooth transplantation is a well-proven surgical technique for the replacement of lost or unattached teeth. Main indications are the replacement of destroyed molars with wisdom teeth and the use of premolars to replace anterior incisors in adolescent patients. Transplanted teeth with incomplete root growth (patient age 14 - 20 years) demonstrate a survival rate of over 85% after 10 years.


Control / Final report dentist

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In the period after the procedure, depending on the procedure and the healing process, a few check-up appointments are made. Our treatment is usually completed with the removal of the stitches. Once the wound has healed, we will be happy to send you back to your dentist in whose hands you will continue to receive the usual good care and dental treatment.

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Your dentist will receive a doctor's letter from us after the treatment is completed and the x-rays taken in our clinic. This helps to avoid excessive X-rays and your dentist can plan his further treatment with the help of our results. If you have any further questions, we will of course be happy to assist you and your dentist or orthodontist at any time.

Special Treatments

- Individually according to your wishes -

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We offer our patients the option of an operation under full narcosis. This is especially recommended for patients who are afraid of the operation or for larger, longer operations.

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We love children and children love us. Is your child afraid of dental treatment? We take care of your child and explain everything to your child as simply and playfully as possible and in his or her own words.
An example is the resection of the labial frenulum or the removal of teeth during orthodontic treatment. At the request of the child and the parents, we are also happy to operate while the child sleeps

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We are happy to support your orthodontist (or that of your child) with our work. In addition to the classic exposure or removal of teeth, we also work together with your orthodontist on innovative treatment methods. We place so-called mini-implants in the jaw, attach buttons and much more. This allows an optimal and efficient correction of malpositioned teeth.

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